I Hate Valentines Day

I Hate Valentine's Day

DVD Details:

Title: I Hate Valentines Day

Description: In this Manhattan-set romantic comedy 40-something florist Genevieve Gernier (Vardalos) has had a tricky time with love. In order to avoid the complications and risks she associates with lasting relationships, she has devised a rule for herself that she may have no more than five dates with a man.

However, her trusted edict is put to the test when she meets Greg Gatlin (John Corbett), a handsome restaurateur who sets up a new business near her shop.

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One thought on “I Hate Valentines Day

  1. DVD Zone Post author

    How appropriate, seeing that Valentines Day just recently passed this is a surprise, do you hate Valentines Day? Watch this DVD and find out why it’s got that title?

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